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Holtsville Energy Storage

Storing the power of clean, reliable energy on Long Island

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Holtsville Energy Storage

As developers of energy storage facilities, we complete all the development work to prepare utility/commercial storage systems for construction and operation.

Holtsville Energy Storage is a proposed 110 MW, four-hour, battery energy storage facility in Brookhaven, New York, that will bring many positive impacts to the local economy and community. We look forward to working in partnership with town and county officials, local residents, and business owners on the development of this clean energy project.

About the Project


We believe energy storage plays an essential role in the creation of a sustainable energy future. 


Holtsville Energy Storage will be located on three land parcels on the SW corner of Expressway Drive South and Morris Avenue.


The facility will be a 110 MW, four-hour, battery energy storage facility sited on six acres.


The facility will connect to Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA's) existing 8 kW West Bus Substation. While a utility or large energy user may purchase the output of the facility, a significant portion of the energy itself will flow to the nearest energy users.

Project Facts


Every project has its unique DNA

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Benefits to the Community

Battery energy storage facilities make great neighbors. They are quiet, clean, and safe. Unlike other types of industrial development, they do not pose a strain on public infrastructure, schools, or emergency services. Battery energy storage facilities will help support and promote New York State’s movement to lessen dependence on fossil fuel energy sources and toward renewable energy sources, thereby improving air quality and the environment for residents.

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Local Economic Impact

Holtsville Energy Storage will be a true “silent revenue generator” that benefits the entire community over several decades. These types of facilities generate local property taxes, which can help fund public schools and infrastructure, and have the potential of creating approximately 150 local jobs during construction, plus some long-term jobs once it is operational. Battery energy storage facilities can also lead to long-term cost savings for electricity consumers by lowering the overall cost of providing electricity and by allowing customers to avoid paying premium pricing or “peak demand” rates.


Project News & Events

Virtual Presentation

Monday, November 20, 3:30-5:00 p.m.

To access the meeting, please visit  

We believe our projects create local economic opportunities for the communities in which they serve.

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